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Himalaya Organization was established in 1991 and now one of the leading business houses in Nepal,

The Chairman of the organization Mr. Dhruba Thapa has set an example for the new entrepreneurs to never give up. Initiated with rental business of bikes initially, the Himalaya Organization slowly grew with the concept of recondition house which also was Nepal’s first recondition concept expanding itself to the motor showrooms acquiring various auto dealerships and gradually other numerous business ventures. Along with the change in times, H.O. always has been able to adapt itself with the new trends and demands of the public. Himalaya Organization currently comprises of numerous companies dominated by automobile sector followed by trade, construction, investment/re-financing, banking, agriculture and hospitality sector which always has been in progress of never ending expansion..



  • One of the leading business houses in Nepal with a magnificent history and investment in an abundant of lucrative ventures. Himalaya Organization, a promising business enterprise of Nepal established in 1991.
  • The group is dedicated to intensify the entrepreneur activities and contribute towards nation’s economic development as well as encouraging the new wave of innovators and entrepreneurs. Diversifying the local economy components incorporating global trends and needs, We have a practice of employing a complete group of expertise along with the finest infrastructures in each of our entiti


Our Business Sectors

Himalaya Organization is organized corporation of different business sectors Automobile, Real-estate, Banking, Education, Hospitality and agriculture.

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Our Vision, Your Future !

Our Vision, Your Future !

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